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Human Values

Human Values in Data Science refers to the ethical considerations and principles that guide the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. It emphasizes the importance of respecting human rights, privacy, and dignity in all data science activities. This concept is crucial in the... Read More >>

Ethical AI Design

Ethical AI Design refers to the practice of creating artificial intelligence (AI) systems that adhere to ethical principles and values. It involves the consideration of moral implications and potential societal impacts during the design and implementation of AI systems. This includes ensuring that A... Read More >>



Logistic Function

In the context of Data Science, a Logistic Function, also known as the logistic sigmoid function, is a mathematical function used in various forms of logistic regression models. It is an essential component in the field of machine learning, particularly in the development of binary classification mo... Read More >>

Weak AI

Weak Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as Narrow AI, refers to a system designed to perform a specific task, such as voice recognition or driving a car. These systems operate under a limited set of constraints and are focused on performing single tasks very efficiently. Unlike Strong AI, Weak... Read More >>

Value Alignment

In the context of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Value Alignment refers to the process of ensuring that an AI system's behaviors and decisions are in line with the values, ethics, and objectives of its human users or creators. This is a critical aspect of AI safety and ethical AI design. ... Read More >>

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Policy Engine

A Policy Engine is a software component that is responsible for enforcing rules and policies in a system. In the context of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, a Policy Engine is used to manage and enforce policies related to data access, data usage, and data security. It provides a centralize... Read More >>

Data Indexing

Data indexing is the process of organizing and storing data in a way that enables efficient and fast retrieval of specific information. In data science and artificial intelligence, data indexing is a crucial step in data management and analysis. It involves creating an index, which is a data structu... Read More >>

Smart Card

A smart card is a physical card that contains an embedded microprocessor chip, which can store and process data. In the context of data science and artificial intelligence, smart cards can be used to securely store and transmit sensitive information, such as personal identification or financial data... Read More >>

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